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ED Relationships

Let's discuss!

Sex, Love, and Dating with ED's
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Those with ED and their partners discuss relationships, dating, sex, and love.
After seeing and experiencing the difficulties of being in love while being anorexic, I decided to start this community. It's a community for those who either have an ED or are with someone who has an ED, a place where we can come together for support, advice, experience, or to just talk.

1. This is not a pro-ana, pro-mia, or pro-ED community.
2. That being said, don't bash those who are unwilling or unable to recover.
3. Post anything triggering under a cut with a warning. As this isn't pro-ED, some of us may be trying to recover. Take your thinspo or food porn elsewhere.
4. Be sensitive to other's relationships. We all have different tastes. Any type of relationship discussion is welcome here.
5. Posts with promotion of other communities should be placed under a cut, and the post should also contain on-topic discussion.
6. Place adult content under a cut with a warning (NSFW material especially).

Breaking any of these rules will subject you to post removal or banning, at my discretion.